Computer Repairs

Are you having trouble with your desktop or laptop? Windows or Mac? Wireless or Wired network?

We can diagnose your computer problems and give you a reasonable time frame to have it repaired, and if possible at the time, the costs involved in time and materials to get you working again.

Hardware Faults

Keyboards, hard drives, power supplies, video cards, memory... these are some of the more common hardware faults we find on computers. Some hardware faults take time to diagnose and may incur more cost on the diagnosis.

What if my computer is not turning on and is beeping? This is usually a BIOS issue. Try to memorise the pattern of the beeps and then turn it off. Most hardware vendors of PC's and main boards have diagnostics built-in that let you know when there is a problem. This simple series of beeps can tell us a lot. The caveat is, as I have seen in the past with a BIOS issue, that the alert tones will sound for 3 or 5 power cycles and then it becomes unrepairable! 

Network Faults

Both wireless or wired network faults can be diagnosed fairly quickly... you have no connection! Getting it up and running is the issue for most, and depending on the complexity of your network, diagnosis can be difficult.

Remember, most issues are still discovered at the physical layer. First, check power, then physical connections (cables in slots properly etc). After this, call APM Communications to get on site support.

Data Recovery 

Data can be lost for a number of reasons, accidental deletion and hard drive failure being the most common. External hard drives have the same issues, and a few extra that can cause the problems.

We can help with data recovery in a number of ways:
  • recovering data from a machine that has died due to other issues (power supplies, main boards etc.)

  • RAID drives that lose their configuration (due to drive failure or RAID controller failure)

  • bad sectors on the hard drive preventing the computer from booting

  • corrupt install of the operating system

It is important that you get on to the recovery of your data as soon as possible. Call for assistance and we can either pick up your drive/s or give support on site.