APM Communications has the experience, knowledge and expertise you are looking for to keep your business running. Providing IT Support : IT Services : ICT Consulting : Managed Services : Project Management :: Business Analysis

Offering friendly service, APM Communications takes pride in their work, and the ability to translate complex issues around IT and networking into simple to understand ideas sets us apart from our competitors. Having supported organisations from home offices to Fortune 500 companies, APM Communications consultants have the experience to provide your business the quality service and technology you seek.

As well as looking after your basic IT Support requirements, APM Communications can discuss and implement strategies around:

•    Data Cabling and wireless connectivity
•    Phone systems – PBX and VoIP
•    Printers and other peripherals
•    Wireless Infrastructure
•    Business Analysis
•    Project Management
•    ICT Office Relocations
•    ICT assessments
•    Network Audits
•    Equipment replacement and upgrades
•    Disaster Recovery Solutions
•    Cloud Services
•    Managed Services (Support Contracts)

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There are trends affecting IT in your business, and these changes are moving more rapidly than ever before...
+ Wireless access and security
+ Staff having wireless devices in their pocket or their briefcase
+ Always on Internet: our reliance and its reliability
+ Data storage and backup in a cost effective and secure manner
+ Cloud Storage: there are positives and negatives!
+ What happens if your server fails

APM Communications gives a Continuous Triple-A Strategy to our customers:

Analysis - we provide technology assessments which include security, networking, backups etc
Advice -  backed up with years of experience, we talk to our customers to gain understanding, then formulate the best solutions
Action -  Organised activity to accomplish the objectives discussed

Continuous? The one thing that will remain true of technology is that it will change... continuously! We are a dedicated and learning organisation that strives to remain at the forefront of technology, to provide you the best advice to suit your needs.

It's time to move forward, time to get it right! Call today for a no obligation discussion regarding your business, and how APM Communications can keep you connected.