IT Support

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IT Support

APM Communications offers a range of services to your enterprise to provide assistance to users of technology products such as mobile phones, televisions and other AV equipment, computers, networks, software products and other electronic goods.

IT Support specifically deals with the assistance to solve problems with a product or service. APM Communications goes much further by offering services in IT planning, business analysis and project management.

“Putting out fires” is one very small aspect to IT support. It is important to keep your business running when the unexpected happens, what is also important is finding out why and dealing with the cause and not just the symptoms.

Thoughtfully planning out the future of your business is your job, finding the way the technology can support you in your growth, that is ours! The experience we can bring to your organisation is the difference.

How we connect to you:

Time and Materials (T&M) – this is very common with smaller businesses. Essentially, support is offered on an ad-hoc basis (often known as break-fix support) where Time and Materials are costed at a predetermined rate.

Block Hours – this is a pre-paid version of support where you can buy a block of time at a reduced hourly rate. This can assist with budgeting and reduce administration as the hours can have either a monthly or yearly expiry and you don't have to deal with multiple bills.

Managed Services – this is a more complex service model where we essentially discuss a list of well-defined services that we look after for you on an on-going basis. These well-defined services also include the response and resolution times (e.g. 4 hour response & 8 hour fix) for a fixed rate fee. There can also be penalties for excessive response and resolution times.

Managed services can also include options such as 24×7 monitoring of servers, on site technicians, project management services, backup and disaster recovery and vendor management. These agreements are usually set at a monthly price.

Your business is different to many others and will require the right type of service model. We will tailor our support to fit with your business.

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